The Bespoke Bamboo Collection

Rebecca Pitts for the Martha Stewart American Made Collection at Amazon Handmade

The Back Story

After my daughter was born, I found myself looking time and again for a wedding or new baby gift that was a high-quality, personal piece—a gift that would be treasured by friends as a meaningful, one-of-a-kind marker of their marriage or birth of their child.

The thing is, I was never satisfied with the options (available on registries everywhere!) for the typical baby and wedding gifts. So I took Tina Roth Eisenberg's advice to heart: you can't complain about something unless you do something about it. 

A few (ok, lots) of sketches later, I created the basic gist of my first collection, Bespoke Bamboo, custom nursery decor and family heirlooms, commissioned by you for the people you love.  

And after another six months of design drafts in Illustrator, meeting up with local woodworkers and figuring out how CNC machines actually work, material-sourcing, pricing, and prototyping, I launched my online shop, Hudson + Daughter, with this debut collection. If you're curious to learn more about how I started my business, from first idea to first sale, check out my article here on launching a creative business.

The Materials + Details

The Bespoke Bamboo collection is minimalist, no fuss, with subtle pops of metallic and flashes of brilliant color. Kind of like a New Yorker who spends her weekends upstate.

Each piece is made from high-quality and ethically sourced materials—100% cotton ribbon and sustainably produced bamboo that is Forest-Stewardship-Council (FSC) certified as a sustainable, eco-friendly product that won't compromise the health of the world's forests for our children.

All goods are American-made in New York and shipped in plastic free, recycled packaging. For a peek inside the studio where I've sourced the ribbon, check out my article on Studio Carta, an internationally recognized design studio that specializes in custom ribbons from Italy.

Rebecca Pitts for the Martha Stewart American Made Market at Amazon Handmade

What People are Saying about the Collection

“Celebrate Mom with one of these handmade, creative gifts she’ll never forget… Appeal to mom’s sense of family pride with this custom crest made from eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo threaded with black-and-white cotton ribbon and finished with all-natural, unscented beeswax."
- Country Living

“Sourcing FSC-certified bamboo from New York State, Pitts makes each plaque (in a variety of shapes and sizes) by hand–from stamping, inking, and sanding to waking and all in her beautiful, plastic-free packaging."
- Serendipity Magazine

"I have a feeling this is going to be one of my go-to gifts this year. The customization makes it feel really special" and "it’s less than $30–yes, really."
- Cool Mom Picks

"A new mom would love to hang this set of 3 personalized sustainable bamboo decorations by Dobbs Ferry, NY-based designer over her dresser or in the baby's nursery."
- 50 States of Style

Awards + Accolades

Martha Stewart American Made Crafts Finalist

Serendipity Magazine Locally Made Winner

All photos by Rebecca Pitts.