Registration for the Comics Lab at FerryCon is now open!

What is the Comics Lab?

The Comics Lab is an art happening where school-age students write, design, and illustrate their own comic strip.

When and where is it?

Saturday, May 4 from 10-11 AM in the Children’s Room at the Dobbs Ferry Public Library during FerryCon.

Who is it for?

It’s for school-age kids (grades 1–5) who can read and write.

Can I drop my kid off?

We ask that parents and guardians give their children space to work independently but remain accessible in the library.

Who teaches the class?

Rebecca Pitts, a local Rivertowns resident. Rebecca is really into indie comics and loves to make and read comics with her children. Learn more about her writing here and the arts & crafts projects she makes with kids here.

How can I register my child?

Complete the registration request below. The Comics Lab is open to the public and free; however, enrollment is limited. A registration confirmation secures your child’s spot in the Comics Lab.

Register for the Comics Lab

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Child's Name
Enter the year that your child is born. The Comics Lab is currently open to children in grades 1-5.
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