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I love a good newsletter.

I read them. I write them. I write about writing them. Social media is becoming less of a place for me lately while my newsletter has become that one creative constant where I feel like I make genuine connections with fellow readers, writers, parents, and humans. 

So, what is this newsletter about exactly?

Occasionally I will share some writerly publication news or some familial publication news, but more often letters will contain snippets and references to interesting tidbits that cross my desk, especially those stories or ideas that fall squarely or tangentially within the topic of...

[+] current and classic kid-lit

[+] biography, research, and the post-modern biographer

[+] urbanism (the good, bad, and the beautiful)

[+] placemaking in suburbia

[+] feminism for everyone

[+] archival curiosities

[+] the craft of writing

[+] the public library as the last bastion of American socialism

[+] creativity as a human right

[+] and whatever else turns my head just one inch to the left

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