Rebecca Pitts

Rebecca writes for kids and their grown-ups.

Rebecca is a writer with a focus on a diverse range of non-fiction subjects including media and archival literacy; kid-lit and children’s books; DIY craft projects for children and young adults; travel and culture; creative work and the writing process; and historical and technical writing. She's written for Teen Vogue, Writer’s Digest’s Writer’s Market, Highlights’ High Five Magazine,  Cricket Media’s FACES Magazine, And North, and elsewhere. Her work has been featured in the Martha Stewart American Made Market, Country Living, and Cool Mom Picks.

She studied Art History and Anthropology as an undergrad at Boston University, earned a Master's degree in Library Science and Archival Administration at Simmons College, and has worked for over a decade in museums, libraries, and archives before focusing on writing and creative projects. 

Rebecca's got a thing for picture books, public libraries, and digging into the archives of female movers & shakers, writers, and artists. Her weekends are usually spent day-tripping in the Hudson Valley, where she lives with her husband, son, and daughter.

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Have a great idea for a story on one of the beats I write about? Interested in commissioning a freelance article or collaborating on a project? Please do reach out!

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For questions concerning new publishing work contact my amazing literary agent, Bibi Lewis at the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency.