Issue Nº 35: When You're Born a Crime, 15-Minute Neighborhoods, & Revisiting America in 1619

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Notable Non-Fiction and Biographical Stories for Young People

In his new book, Born a Crime, Trevor Noah tells young readers about his life growing up in South Africa during apartheid.


Asides, Ideas, Miscellany

15 minute neighborhoods! I love this idea.

How to encourage kids to think critically from an early age. See also: on not watching MSNBC with my kids.

This new series is in my queue. Dazzled by the first episode. Have you listened yet?

The history books you should have been assigned in school.

My kind of first-day-of-school pics.

Amsterdam children fighting cars in 1972.

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New Works on Paper

I have an exciting announcement coming very soon! I can’t wait to share more about something that I have been working on for years! :)

Washington Square Park in the 1960s [ Credit ]

Washington Square Park in the 1960s [Credit]

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