Issue Nº 9: In the Company of Women, Where the Sidewalk Ends, and Creating a Portfolio Website

About this blog post: Each month, I send an email newsletter to friends on my list. Below is a condensed version of last month's letter.

Here are some things I'm reading, thinking about, and working on this month:

What I'm Reading

I'm still slowly flipping through Women of Steel and Stone. Architect Anna Wagner Keichline led a suffragist parade down her Pennsylvania village's main street in 1913 and "ignored the possibility that her actions could cause her to lose clients." That's a business woman with a backbone, and I'm taking note. In The Company of Women thanks to my BFF. “Imagine the stupidest thing you could ever do, like peeing on a stack of pancakes. Now, imagine that the United States is a stack of pancakes. Millions of grownups just peed on it.” How to... make a Waldorf starget your congressman to listen to you, and how to explain the refugee crisis to children via picture booksShort books are in. "Maybe she is more than a president. Maybe she is an idea, a world-historical heroine, light itself.How to call your reps when you hate talking on the phoneQuit social media. Your career may depend on it. The school system where empathy is as prized as math and literature.

What We're Reading

Thank You, Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving by Laurie Halse Anderson. I especially adore this part: "When Sarah saw something she didn't like, she picked up her pen and wrote about it. She wrote letters. She wrote articles. She wrote and wrote and wrote until she persuaded people to make the world a better place.Planes by Anne Rockwell. Issue 2 of Illustoria featuring Hervé Tullet. This Is My Home, This Is My School by Jonathan Bean. Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein (I have seriously waited a third of a century to speak the words "I wrap my hair around my bare and down the road I goes" to my child.)

What I Wrote

DIY Finger Painted Gift Wrap for Dear Handmade Life. Should You Create a Separate Portfolio Website to Showcase Your Work? for Craft Industry Alliance. A Gift Guide for the Kiddos for Hudson + Daughter. 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the 2016 Gal

What I Heard + Saw

Grace Bonney on Design Matters. A post-election sing-along of Bye Bye Yuckies at Music & Movement class for toddlers at the local library. It was timely, relevant and cathartic all at once. Insecure and The Crown.