Take Five with Naomi Liddell

Take Five with Naomi Liddell

Naomi Liddell is a life-affirming designer, writer and lover of good chocolate. She specializes in values-based branding and logo design for business owners who are ready to open their new venture with a strong start. 

She's currently sending love letters from here, being featured on The Huffington Post here and sharing her a blend of stories and pics of life and creativity here

Naomi's Take 5 is a glimpse at the things that help her day-to-day as a creative, inspire and motivate her, make her work life a little bit easier, and some just-for-fun stuff that brings her joy...

This trick of the trade.

My biggest productivity trick is scheduling an entire day for one type of task. I have a day for writing, a day for communication (emails & social media), two days for client work, a day for my own creative pursuits, a day for cleaning and errands and a day for just family with no distractions. I find that batching entire days forces me to be hyper focused on the task at hand, and it compartmentalizes the things I need to think about. Saves brain space, time and sanity.

This place.

One place? I have many fantasy existences! One would be Paris, I’ve been twice... and every time I’m seduced by the winding streets, the bustling cafes and the creativity that pulses there. I have a plan to spend a summer working in Paris with my husband and son before I’m 30.  If we’re talking countries, it’s got to be Thailand. The food, the paradise, the people, the massages, the friendly smiles. I love that country and everything about it. Bangkok is an incredible city to explore.

Take Five with Naomi Liddell

This book.

I’m an avid reader. Especially of motivational, creative or business-centered books. But whilst I love many books at the time of reading, I can’t say I’m always left with a lasting impression. One book that broke open my ideas of success in business and ignited my belief in my own abilities was The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte. I love her no bullshit approach and her gorgeous writing style. I especially love the audio versions of all her booksthe woman’s voice is smooth like butter.

This website.

I use Pinterest a lot in my business, especially for building a picture of my clients' thought-patterns and style. But that would be the boring answer. If we’re getting real with super-helpful and less known resources, I’d say Oozled is my favorite go-to. 


Trip! Back in 2011, I married my now husband. Three days later, we sold all our belongings, I cut off my hair and we boarded a one-way flight to Bangkok with a couple of backpacks. I’m not sure what we really set out to achieve other than adventure (which we got by the bucket-load), but four and half years later we’ve added a baby boy to our family and set up camp in Perth, Western Australia. I like to think that technically we’re still on honeymoon. This trip has been the most inspiring and cell-changing experience I could never have anticipated. I often feel like travel can be a fast track to personal growth and lessons learnt. It also gets you really used to packing. 

Thank you so much, Naomi! Find out more and follow along with her at Naomi Liddell, on Twitter: @naomiliddell, Pinterest: Naomi Liddell, and Instagram: @naomiliddell.

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