Issue Nº 34: Hawking's Life in Graphic Novel Form, the Purpose of School & New Pubbed Fiction for Kids


A Micro-Review for the Discerning & Literary (Older) Child

The new graphic biography Hawking: come for an exploration of the vastness of our universe. Stay for a meditation on the human experience of inhabiting an earthly body. Check out my review right here.


Asides, Ideas, Miscellany

My back to school vibe. See also: Kid architects: when decision-making and problem-solving are the point.

Beatrice Alemagna, the artist/writer/author/maker, is on Insta!

My tips for making comics with kids. (For those of you with younger kids: pre-readers and emerging writers can make comics, too. Really!)

Before Picasso, the ladies did it.

The myth of the apolitical classroom.

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New Works on Paper

I’m out of my non-fiction comfort-zone with a pubbed story for kids in this month’s issue of Highlights’ High Five.

Thoughts? Ideas? Recommendations? I love connecting with fellow readers, writers, parents, and humans. Please drop me a line!

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