Camp by Kayla Miller

Camp by Kayla Miller.jpg

Remember sleep-away camp? That knot in your stomach from missing home? The weird food and forced letter writing? Confusion as to why your BFF from seventh grade is no longer your BFF in the woods? Cartoonist Kayla Miller captures it all in her new comic, Camp.

The heart of the story is the relationship between two close friends. But only one of them, Olive, is comfortable with meeting new pals and embracing the unknown; the other, Willow, is isn’t managing as well.

Olive feels an obligation to help her friend be happier until the pressure becomes too much, causing their friendship to rupture from the stress of it all. Only then, of course, is Willow forced outside of her comfort zone and into new, unexpected territory.

Illustrated in a contemporary cartoony style and a colored with a palette that is inviting and easy on the eyes, Camp is definitely a book that you’ll want to share with the kiddos in your life, whether or not they’re planning on spending their summer nights reading on the top bunk under a scratchy wool blanket with a flashlight.

Camp by Kayla Miller published by HMH Books for Young Readers (2019)

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