Issue Nº 32: Nerdy Babies, a Middle-Grade book for Sleep-Away Camp, and the Comics Lab Starter Kit

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Notable Non-Fiction & Biographical Stories for Young People

Nerdy Babies is a delightful and informative new series on earthly and interstellar topics. And they’re not just for babies.


A Micro-Review for the Discerning & Literary Child

A new graphic novel from Kayla Miller explores the emotional terrain of sleep-away camp.


Asides, Ideas, Miscellany

Trevor Noah thinks kids can handle the truth. Will Gen Z cancel the art museum? Life goals: being a curious elder. The podcasts created by the winners of the NPR Student Podcast Challenge look awesome. Field trip alert: The Yard on Governors Island is a “junk” playground stocked with loose parts, tools and space for kids. (Phones, flip-flops, and parents aren’t allowed.)

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New Works on Paper

Issue Nº 3 of The Little Enterprise is shipping soon to mailboxes here and there and everywhere. (OK, really just here and there.) Do you know a child who likes to get snail mail? Join in on the fun right here.

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The Comics Lab at FerryCon

We had a great time at the Comics Lab, an occasional art happening where school-age students write, design, and illustrate their own comic strip. (A huge thank you to the Dobbs Ferry Public Library and my fellow instructor, Steve.) Want to stay in the loop? Sign-up for the Comics Lab newsletter for info on upcoming events, tips on making comics with kids, and a free printable zine, the Comics Lab Starter Kit.

“I am always more interested in what I am about to do than what I have already done.”

-Rachel Carson

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